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Lawn bowling at the Balmy Beach Club is more than just a pastime. Come to be competitive. Come to be social. Come to have a good time with congenial companions.

The season begins with an Open House in May and from then on, we bowl Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday afternoons, and Wednesday and Thursday evenings. You can join a team for the season or bowl in pickup games Thursday evenings or Sunday afternoons. We host in-house jitneys on Canada Day and on Mondays of each long weekend in the summer. On weekends there are tournaments throughout the city including several at Balmy Beach. Our members are also members of the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association. Our best bowlers participate in regional, provincial, national and international tournaments. You can be as competitive as you wish, but as always, our object is to enjoy the game and the companionship of other members.

Lawn bowling provides more exercise and develops more skill than you might think. One source estimates that in a typical three-game tournament, a player walks three to five miles, does about 250 knee bends, and must throw a three-pound bowl the length of a long grass lawn to a target that changes in position every game, and often during a game. It is one of the few sports where people compete effectively regardless of size, age or gender.

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