We now have a new date for our Annual General Meeting. It will be held at 11 a.m. on Sunday November 17 in the club’s main hall. This is an important meeting for the section. We hope you will come out to hear about our many successes this season and to vote for the new executive members.

This year, three positions are up for election. We are looking for members to fill the President and Secretary positions as is usual in odd numbered years. This time, we are also looking for a member to fill the Vice President position on an interim basis, to complete the term of office remaining until next year’s AGM.

Role summaries for the President and Secretary positions were mailed to you previously. A role summary for the VP position is attached. This is an excellent opportunity to try the position on a shorter term basis than usual, while being part of a dynamic new executive committee. We strongly encourage you to consider running for office or nominating another member for one of the available vacancies