The lands on which the Balmy Beach Club and its bowling greens sit were originally owned by Sir Adam Wilson, one of twelve householders at the Beach. In 1875, he deeded a parcel of land at the bottom of Beech Avenue for the enjoyment of the local residents. In 1903, a Parliamentary Act declared this land the Balmy Beach Park, which was and still is administered by the Balmy Beach Park Commission.

The Balmy Beach Lawn Bowling Club owes its origin to the desire of Albert Oakley to have a fine, level lawn at his residence on Balsam Avenue. Proud of his lawn, he invited a few friends for a game of bowls. They enjoyed the game so much that they formed a club to play regularly. They soon needed a better location than Mr. Oakley’s lawn. J.B. Reid provided grounds and a small clubhouse. The club was registered in 1902, although it counts the summer of 1903 as its first official season.

Through its long history, bowlers from the Balmy Beach Lawn Bowling Club have distinguished themselves in regional, provincial, national and international competitions.